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The need for Explainable AI – Fiona Tweedie – S1.8

This time my guest is Fiona Tweedie. She has been thinking about the need for explainable AI for a long time. We had a fascinating chat on why this is important, why we should care about AI being explainable, some of the risks associated with AI not being explainable.

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Fiona Tweedie fell in love with the transformative power of data when working on the Australian Government’s Principles on Open Public Sector Information and has held numerous roles analysing, governing and wrangling data in the years since. She has worked on embedding ethical approaches to data in commercial and research organisations and is passionate about demystifying tech and increasing data literacy. Fiona holds a PhD in Ancient History and is still working on the blanket that she started crocheting during lockdown.

Links to resources we discuss in the podcast: