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Bi-modal approaches for data, AI, and innovation – Khaled Auf – S1.9

My guest today is Khaled Auf, and we will be talking about  the benefits of a bi-modal approach to delivering Analytics, BI and Data Science . We also touch on tri-modal approaches (and even coin the very innovative quad-modal approach 🤣).

I have known Khaled for years and we have often chatted about the next big thing in data. Nowadays the next big thing is AI and it is important to get your data architecture right so that we can support AI operations at scale.

Khaled Auf

Khaled Auf has worked extensively on corporate data strategies having established over 20 data estate strategies across Education, Finance, Energy, Logistics and Construction sectors. And his current day job is at Snowflake where he is their Practice Director for Professional Services in Australia and New Zealand.

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Gartner 2017: Drive Analytics Innovation by Using a Bimodal Approach