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Raising heretics – Linda McIver – S1.13

This time my guest is the remarkable Dr Linda McIver, who is the CEO of the Australian Data Science Education Institute.

We had a wide-ranging chat about the importance of educating the rising generation to make sense of data in the in the modern world. And, even though we did not talk explicitly about her book, Raising Heretics: Teaching Kids to Change the World , it really underpinned our conversation. Linda has been thinking about the challenges of educating kids in data and technology for a long while and has a lot of great ideas that we can leverage.

“Linda McIver is a “passionate educator, researcher and advocate for STEM, equity and inclusion, with a PhD in Computer Science Education and extensive teaching experience, Linda’s mission is to ensure that all Australian students have the opportunity to learn STEM and Data Science skills in the context of projects that empower them to solve problems and make a positive difference to the world.”
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