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Inspired mostly by Chris Penn’s Disclosures page (pursuant to US FTC regulations) and partly by my friend Bronwen I’ve put up this handy page so that it’s clear when I’m writing on behalf of someone else.

General Statement

The views expressed on this site are mine and those of my podcast guests and in no way reflect the views of any other organisation or employer (unless specifically noted as doing so), nor do they in any way reflect the work undertaken by me in any capacity as an employee or agent of any organisation.

Since this is my personal site, I reserve the right to publish, amend or delete content at my own pleasure.

People Who Employ Me

See LinkedIn

People Who Sponsor Me

Nobody at the moment (but feel free to get in contact)

People Who Consult With Me

Various clients consult with me from time to time, however, I do not disclose my consulting clients without their permission.

People Who Have Sent Me Unsolicited Free Stuff

From time to time folks send me unsolicited free stuff. Sometimes I will write about it here and/or on social media. There is no guarantee that I will do this though.

Statement on Unsolicited Items

This is taken from Christopher S Penn’s blog many years ago and I can’t put it any better so you might as well know I agree with every single word below:

“You’re welcome to send them to me, but they’re not coming back. By sending me something to review, you understand that I may or may not review it, and I do not guarantee any outcome of the review. If your product sucks, I’m going to say so in no uncertain words. If it’s delivered electronically, I may never even see it due to spam filters. If it’s tangible, there’s a distinct chance it’ll get lost in my office somewhere and I won’t find it until months later, possibly after you’ve gone out of business. I’ll still review it and lament your passing if that’s the case. If I do review something, I will disclose it, no exceptions. If it’s great, I’ll tell people about it. If it’s terrible, likewise. If it’s mediocre, there’s a good chance it will make so little an impression that I’ll forget to review it entirely. Be awesome, okay?”

C.S. Penn