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Information for guests

Thank you so much for agreeing to join me on the Data Revolution podcast. Here are some things you may like to know.

  1. This is an informal podcast (and it really does not have high production values 🤣). It is meant to be a friendly chat. The concept is for us to discuss interesting ideas related to data. It is a two-way conversation and hopefully we will spark off each other and have a good discussion.
  2. You are a guest on the podcast because you know stuff, so feel free to share your knowledge and voice your opinions.
  3. We are civilised humans on this podcast and we can disagree, but we won’t be rude about it if we do.
  4. We will record for approximately 20-30 minutes, and will record audio only. Once we start recording we will keep going (unless something catastrophic happens). But we are not going to stop unless it is to briefly admire kids, partners or pets.
  5. The conversation can go wherever you want. Please mention any topics you do not wish to cover beforehand or just tell me if anything comes up that you do not wish to cover.
  6. I am assuming that you have any necessary clearance from your Comms folks to do this.
  7. What will happen. Once the recording is done I will also prepare a blog post, with an AI transcript, and make it live. I will let you know when it will go live. When it is live I will also post links to various social media platforms.
  8. You are welcome to use the transcript and grab the recording to post on your site, please just link back to the blog post on