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Ethics and data in games – Catherine Flick – S1.14

My guest for this episode is the charming and erudite Catherine Flick, who is an ethics researcher (and newly minted Professor) working with the Digital Observatory Research Cluster. We have been friends on social media for ages, most recently on the dear departed Pebble, and this was our first chance to chat.

We had a fascinating discussion about her research findings using access to a unique and large gaming dataset.

“Dr. Catherine Flick graduated with a BSc with majors in Computer Science and History & Philosophy of Science, Sydney University, Australia, while working in industry as a systems administrator and web programmer. She completed her Honours year with a thesis on Trusted Computing in History & Philosophy of Science (First Class), at Sydney University, Australia. Her PhD was on the topic of Informed Consent in ICT, at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Australia. Areas of research have involved ethics and video games, responsible research and innovation in technology, anonymous technologies, trusted computing, and informed consent in IT. “

Dr Catherine Flick
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Digital Observatory Research Cluster

David Zendle, Catherine Flick, Darel Halgarth, Nicholas Ballou, Simon Demediuk and Anders Drachen. 2023: Cross-cultural patterns in mobile playtime: an analysis of 118 billion hours of human data. Sci Rep 13, 386.

David Zendle, Catherine Flick, Sebastian Deterding, Joe Cutting, Elena Gordon-Petrovskaya, and Anders Drachen. 2023: The Many Faces of Monetisation: Understanding the Diversity and Extremity of Player Spending in Mobile Games via Massive-scale Transactional Analysis. ACM Games 1, 1, Article 4 (March 2023), 28 pages.

David Zendle, Catherine Flick, Darel Halgarth, Nicholas Ballou, Joe Cutting, and Anders Drachen. 2023: The Relationship between lockdowns and video game playtime: A multilevel time-series analysis using massive-scale telemetry. J Med Internet Res (forthcoming).

Pebble, the Twitter alternative previously known as T2, is shutting down