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Data in manufacturing – Adam Sharman – S1.15

My guest this time is Adam Sharman from data consultants to the manufacturing sector – who “combine extensive experience in manufacturing, primary and food processing with world leading data analysis to help business leaders embrace the future of productivity”.

We had an excellent chat about the uses of data in manufacturing businesses and, as so often, we came back to the secret sauce really being change management and understanding that at the end of the day data is about people.

About Adam:

“Combining a background in business performance consulting across multiple industries and countries at Accenture and Deloitte, with on-the-ground operations experience in the world’s largest dairy exporter, Adam Sharman is passionate about helping organisations optimise their businesses, drive innovation and stay ahead of a constantly evolving world. As General Manager of Dsifer, Adam aims to combine the team’s data science and operational performance expertise to optimise organisational performance, build industry capability and shift perspectives on what is possible using data. With qualifications in both business operations and psychology, Adam knows the power of taking a human-centered approach to transformation for sustainable change.”
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