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Substack and Nazis

As I explained earlier over on Substack I have decided to move the newsletter hosting back to Buttondown to Beehiiv due to Substack’s stance on Nazis.

Here is some background on the matter for those who are not familiar: Substack says it will not remove or demonetize Nazi content (Lawler, The Verge, Dec 2023). This position is antithetical to my own stance, which is that Nazis (and their fellow travellers) are always bad and we should never give them a platform and certainly not help them to monetise their activities. FYI – I have migrated all subscribers and archives back to Buttondown and have deleted all content there except my last post which is titled “Substack and Nazis. You can’t be just a little bit Nazi…”

And, here is the tale, via Michael B. Tager (a.k.a. BlueSky: @IamRageSparkle; Instagram: @IamRageSparkle), of how you don’t end up with a Nazi bar: Bartender Savagely Kicks A Polite Nazi Customer Out Of His Bar And Explains Why It’s Important To Do So.

UPDATE 9 Jan 2024: Not enough IMHO! Lawler, R. (2024, January 9). Substack is going to remove five Nazi newsletters. The Verge.

My recent Substack post (with added typos for authenticity!)