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Education, Data, and Generative AI: the future – Ray Fleming – S1.17

This time my guest is an old friend, Ray Fleming from InnovateGPT, who is co-host of the AI in Education podcast. And this is a joint podcast where we had a chat about the future of education in the age of AI.

About Ray:

Ray Fleming is an industry veteran who covers topics at the intersection between Higher Education and technology. He has over 30 years’ experience, including in the roles of Higher Education Lead at Microsoft, and now as Chief Education Officer at InnovateGPT. Ray has been speaking about AI in Education since 2015. He started this AI in Education podcast in 2019, before having to step away when he left Microsoft. In the past he’s been a columnist for the Times Education Supplement, an award-winning blogger, and has featured on BBC TV. As a professional Improv player, you’ll also find Ray on stage at the Sydney Comedy Fringe Festival shows.

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